It is a third-generation family business, founded in the 50s by D. Iluminado García, in Navacepeda de Tormes. 
Around the 1970s, the sons of Mr. Iluminado, José and Jesús García, took over the business, continuing the work begun by their father and also opening a small warehouse for the sale of wood for homes and other works.

It was already at the beginning of the 90s when the expansion of the business began in our current facilities in El Barco de Ávila, with the construction of the sawmill and annexed warehouses for the storage of the different finished or semi-finished products.


In 2010 Mr. José also retired and his sons José and Mario took over the management of the company, incorporating a wood warehouse for carpentry into the sawmill, with national and imported wood, together with a wide range of auxiliary products for construction: waterproof fabrics, screws, water-based varnishes, insulating panel and other derivatives.

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